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To become a leading education institution in providing global learning experiences and opportunities.


1. Develop a state of the art education program that excels students academically.
2. Provide for a well-balanced education that gives emphasis to the development of a morally upright individual.
3. Groom students with value-added skills to compete and make a difference in the global world.

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Edu Global School gives emphasis on providing academic excellence through a state of the art program. We also accord great importance in holistically developing an individual with strong principles and values, while further imbibing skills and talent for our students to be world-ready.

Our School Features

Smart School

EGS will embrace technology pervasively in the teaching and learning process. Digital literacy will also be given a strong emphasis in EGS as we prepare students with 21st century skills to overcome the challenges of the global world.

Character Development

EGS is committed to developing morally upright students. This is done through a school-wide values inculcation program with teachers at the forefront in exemplifying positive behaviors.

International Exposure

EGS educators and students will have numerous opportunities for international exposure. This goes beyond introducing international programs and personnel in EGS, but includes participating in international learning journeys and competitions.

Our Program Pillar

Academic Excellence

This program help all students use their skills and knowledge to perform well in school now so that they may also perform professionally in the workplace later on in life.

Character Building

This program is the deliberate effort to help all students understand, care about, and act upon core ethical values.

Talent Development

This program focus at the qualities of a student that can be further developed and can lead to exceptional results and outstanding performance

Daily Update

What are they saying about EGS?

Letkol. Farick M.Tr. Opsla.

"Thank you to Edu Global Junior High School for educating our child well. EGS has a learning system that prioritizes personal touch and small class, so that our children can learn better and focus. We hope that Edu Global School will be more successful in educating the next generation of the nation."

Rina Idawani

"Alhamdulillah, my daughter chose SMP Edu Global as her school. The learning system is Islamic, homy, family-like, and fun. I really appreciate the method applied by Edu Global School which prioritizes religious education and English as the basic foundation of school programs. Also, applying the Field Trip method which is one of the student learning routines outside the classroom, as well as developing student talents and interests through various school extracurriculars."

M. Akhdan Fahri

"I feel very comfortable studying here. For me, this school is like my second home because the environment is good for studying, the teachers are pleasant and close to the students, my friends are like my own siblings because they are so close, and the staff are friendly. Three years have passed... I will miss this school."

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